Purchasing HUYUcoin on WAVES

HUYUcoin can only be bought with BTC on the WAVES DEX.

To purchase HUYUcoin, a WAVES account will be required. Please go to www.wavesplatform.com and open an account if needed.

WAVES allows a user to download a desktop client or use an online version of the DEX, either will be suitable to purchase HUYUcoin.

HUYUcoin is a new token. Therefore it is awaiting token verification from WAVES. It is recommended that when searching for HUYUcoin on the DEX the ASSET ID is used to confirm the correct token is purchased.

The ASSET ID is: 3co8B3JFdUT7nUY6GzbNXviTYA8BKzYEGCb6MJQWhgDr - For help with using the ASSET ID, please read here

Please remember that when trading on the WAVES DEX a small balance of WAVES must be maintained to pay for transactions, roughly 0.003 WAVES per transaction.

In order to find the HUYU pairing, change the "WAVES" field at the top left of the screen to HUYU by clicking on the word "WAVES" and then type "HUYU" and select "HUYU".

The pairing in that panel will the change to "HUYU" pairing.

HUYUcoin is available only in a HUYU/BTC pairing for the ICO.

Once selected then select the green "BUY" square on the DEX and place your order. Remember you will need approximately 0.003 WAVES to place an order as this is the fuel that runs the WAVES DEX, much like GAS runs the ETH network.