How it all began...

Written by Jacques

In April 2014 Rob and I were having a conversation about gift giving and how a gift Rob had bought for a family member in New Zealand from South Africa had cost more in freight and duties combined than the original cost of the gift itself.

The conversation moved onto how family gift giving was decreasing due to the vast distances that separate us now-a-days. Most families are spread around the world and an email or text message has taken the place of gift giving, not by choice. We felt this was a sad state of affairs and decided to see what could be done.

The idea of setting up a global gift giving website that would allow users to purchase from any shop they liked was the easy part, but how to get the traction needed to make the venture viable. Genealogy came to mind as we knew that most gift were purchased within families, so this seemed a good way to connect families. Little did we realise we had released the “Kraken”.

Although there were platforms available for making a family tree they all relied on a curator. Someone to take charge of the project and manage it. This did not fit well with our idea of a decentralised control structure, hence we set out to make an automated family tree that would allow each user to construct their own tree, but how to make sure it was correct?

Building your family tree close to yourself is easy, but as you get further away from the yourself, the nucleus, it becomes more challenging. Sure, you can remember your Aunt’s name, but can you remember beyond that to 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins. “What was your 3rd cousin’s 2nd child’s name and when were they born?” my brain is already hurting.

What about ancestry? Someone in your family has it somewhere, or a piece of it that needs to marry up with another piece someone else might have. How do we orchestrate this when we all live in different places on the map? Even if it could be done, could we automate it?

After many, many hours of brain breaking calculations we arrived at the answer, maybe! So, we decided to build a prototype. Jono joined our team and we started to visualise the platform.

We completed our business plan had a private round of funding and registered the company HUYU SA Pty (Ltd) by the end of January 2015. Work on the prototype started in March of that same year.

The next year was spent developing and refining the prototype in the pursuit of automation of the family tree. However, the harder we tried the more complicated the algorithms became and the more cumbersome the product was. The resources required to compute the outcomes was increasing the cost of development and seemed to be taking us deeper down the rabbit hole.

In September 2016, Rob came up with an idea of new method to calculate the accuracy of the data that shifted the whole project 90°. Together as a team the 3 of us worked in order to recalculate the platform from the ground up. We knew at this stage although the prototype had proven the concept the algorithms needed to be re-written to suit the new method. This was the break through we had been looking for and the new disruptive fully automated family tree was born.

A 2nd round of private funding was held, and coding of the new model began in March 2017, 2 years after the start of the porotype. Database technology had now caught up with our ideas and we are now able to implement a family tree that will be a world first in automation and accuracy.

Currently, HUYU is in the final stages of coding and testing is underway on most of the platform. We anticipate launch to be 1 September 2018. The launch will be a world-wide release. We are expecting a uptake of at least 2 mil users within the first 90 days.

We have decided to do an ICO for HUYU as one of the long-term goals of the platform is to generate its own currency and the current blockchain technology offered by the WAVES Platform makes this possible sooner rather than later.

Although we have secured enough funding to complete the coding of the HUYU Platform we do require additional funding for the runway as we are expecting rapid growth in the first few months.

Revenue will initially be generated by means of affiliate income from gift sales and then the use of the HUYUcoin to search data on the site. This data will always only include MACRO data and never any PERSONAL user data.

At HUYU we believe that ancestry is information that is about you and belongs to you. Why should you pay for it? This is why our platform is completely FREE for all users, forever!

The will be NO ADVERTISING allowed on our platform.